Borrowing is easy with us
Fast online loans and transparent process make borrowing at P2PEASY seamless.

Benefits at P2PEASY - Private Loan Providers


18 Hours
Aproval Time

Loan requests are quickly processed within 18 hours from completion of your registration. Sometimes, we approve loans within some minutes as well!



Borrowers credentials are verified through various online as well as offline sources to give a hassle free borrowing experience. No need to pay a visit to our office or meet us at particular time at your home. We have flexible processes to adjust with your problems.


Feel Safe
We don’t disclose

P2PEASY gives high priority to your privacy. Your data is secure with us. We do not divulge your personal information.

Guaranteed Funding

We have large number for approved lenders, who will make sure that your loan gets funded. We guarantee funding of your short term loans online. We return a part of your registration fees if we cannot get your loan funded.


Easy Borrowing process.

Our technology enabled lending platform completes loan processing online, just at a few clicks of mouse. Don’t go by our words. Check out yourself before believing our claim. Our loan processing system is simple yet highly efficient.

Profile Based Rate of Interest

Interest rate is curated for individual borrower based on our internal credit rating process after analyzing different parameters. Better the P2PEASY Score lesser the interest rate on your loan. It is unlike Banks/NBFCs, where the main parameter is your credit history.

No Physical Meetingt

Borrowers valuable time is spared as there takes place no physical meeting during online loan processing. Even the agreement signing is flexible as per your availability and the location preference. P2PEASY values your time

Nominal Registration Fees

You just need to provide some basic information and Rs. 1500 registration fees to be part of the club!