Lending is an investment
P2PEASY takes traditional money lending practices online.

Benefits at P2P Easy

Benefits at P2P Easy - Private Money Lending in India

P2P Loans are new investment asset class for your portfolio

Solid Returns

Sustained high returns on investments makes P2P lending a sought after investment option for fixed income investors. Across the world, it is used as a diversification tool by HNI's and institutions.

Monthly Cashflow

P2P lending is the only high return instrument to fetch monthly cash flows with interest payments. Unlike other/ traditional investing instruments, cash flow is not tied to maturity and starts immediately after the investment.

No Volitality

Traditional instruments such as equity, forex, commodity etc. have high volatility inherent to them, resulting in notional or actual losses. P2P lending is unique in that it offers zero volatility with expected returns.

The biggest risk is not taking any risks..... in a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking the risks.
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder -Facebook

Return Expectations

Choose your own returns between 12.5% to 35%

P2P lending has emerged as a lucrative investment instrument during the last decade. US and China have witnessed highest growth in P2P investments with average returns on P2P lending in the US being 7%, much higher than the 1.5% returns on fixed deposits in the US. The fact worth mentioning here is that returns on P2P loans remain 2 to 3 times over FD rates. Considering Indian fixed deposit rates of 6.5%, P2P lending returns of 15% to 20% are great for any investment portfolio.

As with all lending instruments, the returns on P2P investments carry a risk of default by the borrower. Although through our comprehensive risk hedging processes and protocols, since January 2015, P2P Easy has witnessed a total default of less than 1%. Our rigorously tested model suggests that this can go up to 3% – 3.5% in a stressed situation. These factors should be taken into consideration when building a portfolio.

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It opens a new world of investment for you

Lending Process

The Process of lending and earning is very simple and easy

1. Register

Register on P2P Easy as a lender by providing basic KYC information and a onetime registrations fee of Rs. 500. No other hidden charges applicable.

2. Offer Loan

Post investment, you can view pre-verified borrowers. Select the ones you want to offer loan to, based on the interest rate and the amount you want to invest.

3. Repayment

Receive monthly returns from the borrower and start growing your wealth. Lenders also have the option of reinvesting their earnings.

P2P Easy has innovatively streamlined the P2Plending process. Our P2P lending platform experience is on par with equity trading platforms. On registration as a lender, our automated processing system approves the registration request within a few hours. Approved lenders can view and offer loans to borrowers of their choice. P2P Easy also offers an automated investment service to its approved lenders.

Offered loans are processed by our Automated Escrow Processing System (AEPS). AEPS is a cascading process that ensures rigid compliance to practices necessary for safe investing. Under AEPS, the platform approves an action based on the completion of the previous action. For instance, loan disbursement will not be processed unless a signed agreement copy is received by AEPS. All monetary transactions under AEPS are managed by a SEBI registered escrow agent.

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We only charge Rs. 500 for registration, no other charges applicable!

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Escrow Payment Mechanism

Lending and Borrowing transactions are seamless

Escrow Mechanism Icon

LDC processes loan disbursement and repayments through a third party SEBI registered escrow agent, Beacon Trusteeship Ltd. (BTS). The escrow agent communicates with the LDC platform and on receipt of a transaction, gets it executed with our escrow bank IDFC Ltd. The Escrow account functions as a detached unit from the platform to ensure complete security of lender and borrower's money. The complete end to end process is intuitively managed by the platform without human intervention.

Our Borrowers

A quick look at our borrowers


Salaried Employees


Women Entrepreneurs

< 1%


The borrowers on our P2P lending platform come from a large demographic pool consisting primarily of salaried individuals and women entrepreneurs. Every borrower on our lending platform goes through a 5 point screening mechanism where the borrower's personal, professional and financial information is verified. On successful verification and confirmation of the borrower credentials, the profile is processed by our proprietary S-Algo (Screening Algorithm). The borrower is listed on the platform once the comprehensive sets of S-Algo criteria are met.

Borrower 5 point verifications

  Personal Detail Verification

  Professional Detail Verification

  Financial Detail Verification

  Credit History Verification

  Physical Verification


Purpose of Loan Taken

  Home Renovation

  Debt Consolidation

  Wedding/Family Function

  Medical Emergency

  Advance Salary Loan

  Rental Deposit Loan

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It opens a new world of investment for you

How to Mitigate Risk

The best way to mitigate risk is to diversify the lending portfolio.

Optimal diversification can vastly improve the performance of your P2P investments. As a widely accepted practice, investors diversify their investment portfolio across various instruments to ensure that the collective performance of the portfolio sufficiently eclipses the losses of individual instruments. Similar principle is applied to P2P lending as well. For instance the performance of an investment amount of Rs. 10 lakhs divided into 20 borrowers (Rs. 50,000 each) could be majorly affected by the even one default. Whereas, if a similar amount is divided between 100 borrowers (Rs.10,000 each), a couple of defaults won't affect the collective returns of your portfolio in a big way. Optimal diversification ensures high returns.

Eligibility To Be A Lender

Eligibility criteria to become a lender with us

Individual Lender

Anyone who is 21 years or above of age, has a PAN card and valid bank accounts in India can become a lender at P2P Easy.

Documents required

  Pan Card

  Aadhaar Card or Address Proof

Applicable Fees

  One time registration fees Rs.500. No charges on investment amount

Institutional Lender

Any institution that has been incorporated in India (excluding non profit organizations or unregistered trusts) can become an entity lender at P2P Easy.

Documents required

  Pan Card

  Aadhaar Card or Address Proof

  Entity Proof(to be asked based on entity type)

Applicable Fees

  One time registration fees Rs.500.

  1% fees on lending amount

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Lender Testimonial

Let's hear what our lenders say

I was searching for an alternate investment opportunity which would provide me uniform cash flow. I invested in peer to peer loans through P2P EASY. I am receiving regular monthly EMI payments directly into my account. I always grateful to P2P EASY for proving me such a chance.

I was confused where to invest money which give me extra returns soon and steady cash flow. I get to know about p2p easy through one of my friend. I invested in peer to peer loans through P2P EASY and I received regular monthly EMI payments directly into my account without any difficulties.

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For better returns

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Low Risk

Keeping your money in fixed deposit fetches you low returns along with low risk. Sometimes it also decreases the value of your money due to higher inflation rate.


Moderate Risk

Simple to invest and higher returns on investments makes P2P lending an attractive investment opportunity for experienced as well as new investors. Diversification of investments is a key in P2P Lending.


High Risk

Keeping your money in fixed deposit fetches you low returns along with low risk. Sometimes it also decreases the value of your money due to higher inflation rate.

Monthly cash flows

EMI on investments helps investors maintain monthly cash flow in their bank accounts. Such monthly returns also allows investors to re-invest and compound their earning in very short interval of time. Our easy to use interface helps investors track their investments and earning on real time basis.


Smart P2P Platform for investors to invest smartly and get delightful returns

Easy process of lending with just few clicks.

We enabled lending process online and made it easier for Lenders / Investors to lend across India. They can view the loan details and borrower's profile, offer amount and commit the loan amount to the borrower. We try to make the lender's experience as easy as possible.

P2PEASY takes care of everything

We have designed one of the best in class interface to help you track your P2P loans and returns. Make your investments and generate reports the way you want it. You also get income reports for income tax purpose.

Recovery Support

We know our borrowers well and can access them at any instance of time. In case a borrower defaults or delays payment, we provide you with recovery support. The process of recovery support includes visit to borrower's residential premises and/or work premises. If amount is not recovered after this, we will send the first legal notice on behalf of the lenders.

Feel Safe with Lender Protection Fund

P2PEASY has instituted Lender Protection Fund, first of its kind in online lending platforms, to safeguard the investment of our lenders. Lender Protection Fund is not full protection of your investments. You need to consider the risk attached to peer to peer loans. However, by offering LPF, we want to participate in your losses up to the limit of funds available in LPF.

Nominal Registration Fees

You just need to provide some basic information and Rs. 500 registration fees to be part of the club!