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  • Mr. Sumit Sharma

    CEO, QUIRKY Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Armed with an MBA in finance and BE degree, Mr. Sumit Sharma is a force to be reckoned with because of his financial as well as technical expertise. It is with this financial finesse that he handles the reigns of P2Peasy, an online peer to peer lending financial portal. P2PEasy, a part of Quirky Technology Private Limited, came into existence due to a simple conversation with a tea vendor. The CEO, Mr.Sumit was beleaguered by the lack of ROI for most business people. At the heart of this business is the CEO’s desire to financially empower the entire populace of India so that they are monetarily stable enough to accomplish their dreams; whether of a business or a dream home.

  • Sumail Khan

    Vice President, QUIRKY Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Belonging to the garments industry, Mr.Sumail Khan is dedicated to a secure financial future for the country. An owner of a boutique in Lokhandwala, he is now dedicating his time and effort to Quirky Technologies. Being a businessman, he knows the efforts involved in the financial dealings in a commercial sphere. To ensure that prospective businessmen face lesser troubles, the Vice President applies his practical knowledge as well his education to the betterment of P2PEasy. His advice regarding the business scenario and suggestions regarding the best way to tackle it keeps the team educated as well as motivated to try out different things.

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    Constantly challenging the team to do better, Mr.Khan is all about finding the most practical solution to every problem. He believes in technologies that makes the life of people around him much easier.

    He is also a textile industry owner in Ichalkaranji and hopes to see many more textile industries coming up for the betterment of the country’s economy. Working in close proximity with textile workers has made him extremely sensitive to their financial plight. That is why, he believes that in an era of digital payments, an online portal for lending and borrowing is going to help a large number of people. One of the main reasons of his dedication to Quirky Technology is to encourage every citizen in the country to be digitally savvy and to use their digital knowledge for best of the financial gains.

    Whether it is good news or bad news, our Vice President does not believe in sugar coating stuff and likes to look at life as it is. While he is not investing his time thinking of new means of client and financial acquisitions, he involves his time in acting. In fact, his acting skills has landed him a lead role in a Bollywood movie.

    Although finance and acting are his two passions, it is finance which takes the front seat when it comes to his handling of P2PEasy.

  • Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar Singh

    CFO, QUIRKY Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Always looking for opportunities to challenge himself so as to mould himself better, Abhimanyu comes with more than 5 years of experience. Throughout his professional career, he has had hands-on experience with Big Data and Big Data Analytics and Hadoop Technology.

    With an ability to work independently as well as in a team, he has a knack to devote his professional knowledge whole-heartedly into being a CFO. Terms like Hadoop, HDFS, Hbase, Zoo Keeper, OOzie, Hive, Sqoop, Pig, Flume, Avre and Apache Spark are a part of his daily conversations as well as work.

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    A sportsperson in his free time, Abhimanyu is all about exploring new horizons and pushing himself to be best at what he does.

    Prior to joining Quirky Technologies, Abhimanyu was spearheading projects at Fugro Survey India Pvt Ltd; where some of his projects included clientele like L&T, GOL Offshore, JNPT, ONGC.

Our Team

  • Mr. Rahul Saxena

    CXO, Chief Experience Officer

    Possessing strong analytical and organizational skills, Mr.Rahul Saxena, is also fluent in PHP, Mysql, Joomla, Magento, Akelos, OsDate, OsCommerce, Code Ignitor,CakePHP and Symphony. His domain of expertise is search marketing (ranking algorithms and web page optimization), XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL database analysis and design. Being a result driven IT professional, he applies his technical knowledge in making P2PEasy a user friendly model. He understands the difficulty that a layperson faces in using the latest technology and most of his time is dedicated to making the site as easy to navigate as possible.

    His interpersonal and communication skill makes him a favourite amongst the team as well as the clients. Meeting deadlines is his priority and is not afraid of grinding his nose to ensure that the desired results are achieved. With 4 years of experience in the industry, he has developed a strong technical expertise combined with integrated problem solving skills.

    Setting him apart as well as motivating his team is his Never-Say-Die attitude along with the dedication to be the best at what he does. He is a staunch believer of “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.” It is this power of love that sets him apart from the rest and at the same time makes him approachable to the rest of the team.

    He comes up with the best and the easiest of solutions to ensure that P2PEasy becomes the most favoured online financial lending portal. An IT professional at heart, he is always exploring and playing with the latest technology and trying to adapt it to the benefit of the company. It is with his staunch support and dedication that P2PEasy is what it is today.

  • Prakhar Raj

    Senior Business Development Manager

    An alumni of Symbiosis Institute of Management, Bangalore, Prakhar is currently pursuing his role as a Senior Business Development Manager with us. He identifies the clients with whom it would be possible to have a mutually profitable relationship and ensures that the relationship is a long term one.

    Paying close attention to the client requirements, he conceptualizes, designs and implements strategies which provide them with the maximum benefit. He always keeps a lookout to facilitate business growth by upselling different service portfolio to the clients. Being a strategic thinker, he streamlines various programs for convenience of the business as well as clients. He not only defines the operational process and executes the projects but also ensures their smooth and efficient functioning.

    Devising innovative ideas and mapping key positions and its competitors is his professional passion as much as the guitar is his personal one. Prakhar spends most of his time thinking about negotiable cost agreements to get more clients onboard.

    Before joining our team, Prakhar was a program manager with Bejobbed Inc where he was involved in overseeing end-2-end business operations from customer acquisition to relationship management.

  • Saloni Pawar

    Senior Business Development Manager

    Our Sr. Business Development Manager, has over 01 years of experience in commercial banking with a proven history of delivering financial solutions that meet the customer's key objectives. She joined Community Business Finance in 2017 and applies her extensive knowledge of business operations to provide financing packages best suited for growth and success. Saloni expertise is building collaborative relationships with lenders and business owners to serve our clients' best interests.

  • Mohd, Sohail Qureshi

    Branch Manager

    With more than 5 years of professional experience in customer relations, mortgage deals and business development, Sohail is currently adding another feather to his hat as our Senior Business Development Manager.

    Sohail's offers the best of the mutually beneficial financial plan to the clients and then follows up to ensure that they are never disappointed. Meeting the monthly and quarterly target with zest, Sohail is all about putting his best foot forward when it comes to handling the financial matters. Dedicating himself to the success and growth of the company, he ensures that all the required parameters are always achieved.

    With analytical skills as one of his main weapons, he is extremely versatile in his profession and is not afraid to push his boundaries to learn new things. He likes to dabble with his creative side when he is not busy planning the next business development move.

    Sohail was working previously with First Source Solutions where he not only developed new business opportunities but also presented compelling business propositions to customers in order to develop symbiotic relations.

  • Sushmita Kale

    HR manager

    Always striving to achieve professional as well as personal growth, Sushmita is managing the whole team at Quirky Technologies as the HR Manager. An expert at handling end-to-end recruitment cycles, she has an eye for identifying the best of the prospective employees who will be able to contribute to the growth of the organization.

    She not only ensures the smooth and harmonious functioning of the workplace but also helps the employees by keeping them abreast of the latest technologies and know-how. Employee management and retention as well as rewarding them appropriately are something she handles quite efficiently.

    She keeps a track of the organizational staff by counseling managers on candidate selection, conducting interviews and recommending the necessary changes. By conducting orientation programs, she prepares the employees for any assignment that might come their way. She keeps on motivating the employees to deliver their best with her ever positive attitude.

    In her free time, Sushmita enjoys capturing life’s moments through her amazing photography skills. Before devoting herself to Quirky Technologies, she worked with Aditya Birla Retail where she handled the end-to-end recruitment cycles.

  • Ashish Bhusari

    Sales Manager

    With marketing in his blood, Ashish comes with a proper understanding of the diverse range of business management applications, market analysis, sales operation, team building and quality assurance.

    He formulates strategies which helps the company reach out to the market. In order to expand the company name, he identifies various business segments and conducts meetings with business groups on behalf of the company.

    Being an excellent team manager, he gives the ones working under and with him, the opportunity to prove themselves. Moreover, he is apt at handling the human resource outsourcing in terms of working at a client site. Recruiting, leading, mentoring and monitoring his team members are almost his interests at work.

    Always on his toes to ensure customer satisfaction, he handles customer queries with panache so that they are never disappointed with the services provided by our company. Following up on the requirements of the clients, he interacts with them on a daily basis so that their trust in the company is strengthened and we become a brand name through word-of -mouth.

  • Amit Singh

    Business Development Manager

    An all-rounder professional of sorts, he currently holds the position of a Business Development Executive and devotes his time in transforming the company name into a brand name. In his previous experience as a technical expert, he had undertaken the responsibility of providing quality service and build strong customer relationships.

    In order to maximize the profits of the company, he assists his senior executives and oversees short term related revenues and margins. He meets the internal as well as the external customers in order to ensure their satisfaction. With a smile regularly plastered on his face, he ensures that working relationships are developed and maintained.

    As per the adjustments required, he plans, organizes and coordinates meetings with prospective clients Given the expanse of his communication skills, he is also quite proactive is making business proposals for various clients. He also uses his communication skills to pen down business proposals.

  • Prabhat Gupta

    Business Development Manager

    With varied professional experience under his belt, Prabhat has worked as a tele-caller, team leader, shift in-charge and sales executive. It is these varied experiences which he applies in his current role as business development executive. He not only handles client calls but also advises the rest of the team regarding their requirements.

    Apart from strategizing new business plans for the growth of the company, he presents the plans to other businesses and aims to turn them into prospective clients. Most of his time is dedicated into brainstorming for the next big idea for the company and increasing the sales target.

    He is mostly responsible for organizing and coordinating appropriate plans that can be executed for the growth of the business while at the same time satisfying the customers.

  • Ravi Pratap

    Business Development Executive

    Keeping a track of the recent market trends, he is someone is who constantly dedicating his efforts to the growth of the organization. He is experienced in managing accounts, as well as meeting and even exceeding targets that are related to a revenue growth.

    In order to keep the management updated about his overall progress, he provides regular feedback to the senior executives about the marketplace and various competitor activities. He is expert in developing effective working relationship with the clients and ensuring further growth of sales and business development opportunities through regular meetings.

    Working closely with the marketing group, he develops marketing campaigns in order to generate sales and business awareness. He does not shy away from sharing his knowledge about marketing and as such undertakes projects which ensure that no one involved in the project feels left out.

    While not involved in planning the next marketing move, he devotes his time on the cricket pitch and has even won Man of the Series in college cricket tournament.