P2P EASY Testimonials

Our Lenders and Borrowers aren't Just Satisfied, they're Delighted


1 It has been a pleasure working with P2PEasy. I find their team to be not only professional but very approachable as well. I definitely recommend them. - Anish Jacob, Private Lender

2 The P2PEasy team is absolutely amazing. Although I was hesitant at the start, but their customer service team made everything seem like a cakewalk. Their service is a must try and I have had a pleasant experience with them so far. - Savita Verma, Private Investor

3 An easy and hassle free way to invest, that's how I rate P2PEasy. I have been associated with them for 6 months and I intend to continue investing. - Rahul Naik

4 One of the best lending platform, the team is so responsive and the borrower's quality is also good. Thanks P2PEasy, worth a try! - P.V. Sharma

5 I feel this platform is surely a much easier option to earn than riskier options like Mutual Funds. I was sceptic in the beginning but now I am investing and earning bigger amounts.- Naveen Garg

6 A very good option to earn almost 20-22% returns on investments on an average. With all the inflation and gold prices coming down, this was the best option to earn without much risks involved.- Megha Khanna

7 P2PEasy is recommended to all those who are looking for good and safe returns on their investments. I am very happy with the entire investment process and would recommend their service.- Raghav Iyer

8 I heard about P2PEasy through a colleague and was immediately hooked onto the idea. And since then there has been no looking back. Right from the customer service to the returns everything is spot on.- Umesh Singh

9 A simple, risk free, easy investment option with guaranteed results. You have to try it to believe it.- Sakshi Menon

10 I have invested in multiple borrowers through P2PEasy in order to diversify my risk and to earn better returns. I personally feel if you are looking into an investment option, then your search ends here. - Mr. Jha

11 Low risks, high returns. It was as simple as that. Plus their principal protection and recovery structure is quite well defined. I have a good run with them, and will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for good ROI. - Saurabh Shetty

12 A very innovative P2P lending platform that assures security. The P2PEasy team has dependable staff and a diverse borrower base ensuring good returns. - Krutika Verma

13 Definitely an amazing experience for lenders to invest their money and get guaranteed results. The response and guidance of the team is impeccable. Would recommend this to anyone who needs to earn a good ROI. - Dhaval Mehta

14 The P2PEasy platform & their staff are less restraining and are always open to any constructive feedback. They have always lived up to their commitment and I wish the team luck for the future endeavours. - Narendra Kumar

15 While looking for an alternate and secure investment option, a friend recommended P2PEasy to me. And since then I have been earning a steady cash flow for me. The quality of the borrowers is also really good. Thumbs up to the team.- Amrita Sen

16 I registered with P2PEasy as a lender just few months ago and have found the platform and the team very much investor friendly. They also have a lot of creditworthy borrowers and some outstanding interest rates. Very much happy and satisfied with the experience so far. - Hari Kumar

17 P2PEasy is an amazing option to invest money and get safe returns. The site provides useful tools to monitor the investments on a regular basis. And the team helps in handpicking the borrowers with good credit ratings. Thanks people.- Leo Dsouza

18 The P2PEasy funding was totally new to me and I was doubtful whether to put money into such an unknown process. However, after talking to the team, I put my trust in them and started investing. And today I am earning regularly through them. I would like to recommend P2PEasy as the best P2P platform.- Saina Khanna

19 When I searched for a trust worthy investment option, I came across the P2PEasy website. After speaking to the easily approachable team, who cleared all my doubts, I immediately registered with them. It’s totally hassle free.- Nikita Shah

20 I have been associated with the P2PEasy platform for some time now. I'm completely pleased with the overall experience and the quality of borrowers present on the platform. The team is very professional and the service provided by all the staff is really good. I wish them all the best of luck.- Ganesh Narayanan

21 The P2PEasy platform offers comfort in the entire investing process. As a lender, I got excellent staff support by their team. Right from the very first transaction, the quality of service has been wonderful.- Radhika Bhat

22 P2PEasy has allowed me to pursue a well balanced mix of investment opportunities. The team provides a status feedback of each and every investment I make. Thus I know where I'm investing and how much I will be earning in each deal. I am planning to make most of my investment through P2PEasy.- Prashant Patil


1 I needed some funds desperately for a medical urgency. While other financial lending institutions were non-responsive, the P2PEasy team was very helpful and they arranged the required funds within 5 days. - Payal Gupta

2 I would recommend anyone looking for urgent funds or if you are in any sort of financial crisis to try P2PEasy. They were really helpful and supported me during my time of need.- Risabh Arora

3 The entire process of borrowing money is so simple and easy through these guys. Completely stress free. Just a small application and the team sorts out everything.- Rekha Gaikwad

4 The overall process of getting a loan through P2PEasy was very simple. No headaches, no constant calls. I will definitely suggest the P2PEasy team to anyone in need of urgent funds.- Jasbeer Kaur

5 A smooth process overall. The customer service team was quite friendly and helpful. They helped me fill out the application form and led me through the process patiently. Thank you P2PEasy and all the best to their team.- Vrushali Pandey

6 Thank you for being there with me at my most crucial time. I was looking for funds on an immediate basis and needed some source which is trustworthy. Not only was P2PEasy quick to respond but also understood my need and helped me along with complete process. Thanks Team.- Pankaj Kumar

7 The whole experience of borrowing was trouble free. The team was always there to assist me throughout the loan application process. I am so thankful to the team for their quick and prompt response.- Nirmala Venugopalan

8 Although I found P2PEasy through a regular Google search, the team made me so comfortable that I could get the much needed funds within 7 days. This was not possible by any other institution who just made me go in circles to finish the paperwork. So thank you team.- Anjali Mukherjee

9 I needed funds to open my business and wanted to avoid the entire paperwork hassle. My loan application was rejected at most of the institutions due to lack of paperwork, but P2PEasy saved me. Thank you guys, you were really a superhero to me!- Hiren Varma

10 My credit card debt was cleared off because of the loan I received from P2PEasy. The interest rates are so low that I could save so much of my hard earned money. Thank you P2PEasy for saving my money.- Renjith Naidu

11 5 on 5 is how I rate the team at P2PEasy. I found them just when I needed funds the most and it has been so easy. I was most surprised by the ease of their documentation and application process which went like a breeze. Thank You Team.- Juhi Menon

12 Since the very first call with the P2PEasy, the team was very professional. I was most amazed by their simple and defined process. Such a proactive team, I am so relived and happy I met you guys. Thank you for helping me out.- Harish Pujari

13 I am glad to see an end-to-end platform that is so genuine. It helped me out at the time when most banks turned me away. They came in touch when I had lost all hope. The application process is hassle free and I got the required funds with 5 days in my bank account. Thank you P2PEasy, you have been a blessing in disguise.- Pooja Bhat

14 Honestly speaking, I am one of those people that don't trust an online platform. Moreover I already had a previous bad experience. But I still took a chance with P2PEasy and they were simply awesome. High Five guys you rock and you guys have definitely changed my perception about online portals!- Radhika Banerjee

15 I was sceptical in the beginning whether my fund requirement call can be handled by P2PEasy. But they did it. Plus I am saving so much with their low interest rate. So don't worry, you are in safe hands with P2PEasy.- Vimal Kumar

16 I have had the best experience with P2PEasy. The team is extremely helpful and professional. They regularly follow-up with you during the entire application process. The team has been very responsive and lives up to their commitment. Thanks P2PEasy for such an incredible service.- Sumit Gupta

17 I find this loan model the most reliable so far. I have had a very good experience with P2PEasy. Their customer service is outstanding. They provide regular updates and if you get stuck somewhere or for any other issues, the team helps out so professionally. Thanks team, I would recommend this team to all my friends.- Ruchita Kapoor

18 One doesn't seem like you are a borrower when you deal with P2PEasy. They handle each doubt with patience. In my case, I pestered them a lot as I don't trust financial institutions, but they handled my requirement so skilfully. Thanks a lot.- Shraddha Jadhav

19 I took a loan from P2PEasy for some business needs. Not only did I save money due to their low interest rates but also didn't have the usual headaches that comes for free when one deals in loan or any bank services. Thanks P2PEasy, you were a real lifesaver!- Dinesh Belnekar

20 It was my first time taking a loan and didn't know any procedure. But the P2PEasy team handled my entire documentation and application. They guided me to get the loan easily and that too at reasonable rates. I am so thankful to the team.- Yogita Sharma